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pacing’s going well

day by day, week by week, and hey it’s been a month.

the pacing’s been working very well. of course there are days when i slip. i miss the stretching. sleep very, Very late. still don’t drink enough water daily. but the healing came nonetheless. i’ve stopped bleeding.

i used to deny myself from saying that, just in case i jinx it. but if the jinxing is all in the mind… i know now the counterjinx is, too. it takes a secret, uneasy part of my guts to announce it like this, but here it is. i kept (a sort of) focus by the day, by the week, and i’ve stopped bleeding. i know i’ve gotten here because i’ve done this and that, and it’s a fantastic feeling when you’re strong in the knowledge of something. it’s a mental bunker against the doubts of the past.

and like a lesson that works in macro and micro, pacing made for an awesome run last week.

a couple months ago, running was suddenly all the rage. everyone seemed to be running, so i hopped on the bandwagon, because there was just so much energy to leech off. as things tend to go, the universe sent shitloads of marathons my way, and i chose: energizer night run in april, rawang hill challenge this month, king of the road in october.

on 16 april, i ran 11km in 2:04 hours.
on 19 june, i ran 10km in 1:28 hours.

let’s not count the 1km. half an hour is an accomplishment by a fucking huge margin. at the start, i stuck to my guns for 20 minutes, then stopped for a drink and promptly destroyed my rhythm. but in those 20 minutes, i was on another plane of existence. in those 20 minutes of constant running – jogging if you’re pedantic – i had my micro exercise in pacing.

it’s simple really. to be succinct, let me pare it down to 2 words.

don’t. stop.

if not now, when?

sleep. stretch. drink. pace. heal.

which is most important? i think, pace. there are big objectives, and there are intermediate goals, and pacing is the small measured steps you take in between. it’s staying resolute as you progress by the inch. it’s the discipline that’s lost all too easily, too quickly… for me, anyway.

long story short, i want to be fit again. sleeping, stretching, drinking are the small steps. doing it for a day is easy. it’s doing it by the day, by the week, and by the month, that requires pacing. and the healing will follow, i believe.

if i succeed, on to greater things. if i don’t, i’ll still have a fail blog to call my own. better than a dead one, at any rate. it starts now. no time like the present.

on a side note, it feels good to be writing for self-indulgence again. bear with me while i re-find my voice.

and wish me luck, won’t you?

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